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MAK Builder Registration is the perfect course for those in the building and construction industry who want to obtain their Domestic Builders Licence. This comprehensive course covers all aspects of the registration process, from understanding the requirements to preparing and submitting your application.

This course consists of 14 Modules pertinent  in obtaining your builders licence, and each student can work at their own pace and repeat any module they wish until they are licenced with the Victorian Building Authority.

Our Builders Licence Course classrooms are fully interactive.

You will receive a Resource Folder for classroom learning, and online testing is also included. We offer a custom Tabbed NCC Folder, and other books required for your exam upon request.

Our in class custom designed Course provides preparation and understanding of all Plans for the VBA Exam which includes:

You will also have exclusive access to an online questionnaire comprising of 300 questions to keep your knowledge and understanding at the forefront ready for exam day!

Our experienced team at MAK Builder Registration will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that you have the best possible chance of success. With their help, you will be able to obtain your licence and start working as a professional builder in no time!

Registration Application

Upon request, our experienced administration team will be able to assist you in preparing your individual custom Application for the VBA which is an integral part for the initial review process, our expertise in this area is second to none!



including GST


(Domestic Builder Limited)
  • Assisted VBA application

    Normally $3,400

    Reduced to $2,250

    Save $1,150
  • VBA Application preparation from start to finish

    Normally $4,600

    Reduced to $3,500

    Save $1,100

    If applying for additional DB-L, extra $1,500 per limited licence

    All pricing includes GST


(Domestic Builder Unlimited)
  • Assisted VBA application

    Normally $5,900

    Reduced to $5,500

    Save $400
  • VBA Application preparation from start to finish

    Normally $6,900

    Reduced to $6,500

    Save $400

    ✅15 Modules

    ✅ Simulated Test in class

    ✅Online quizzes

    ✅Hardcopy Resource Training Folder

    All pricing includes GST

Frequently Asked Questions

Under Building Regulations 258 within the Building Regulations 2018 you do not need any type of degree/ diploma/ certificate to obtain your Builder’s Licence and become a registered builder.

To be eligible for the registration process to obtain a Domestic Builder (Unlimited) Licence, you must have the following:

1. Have at least 3 years of practical experience in the Building Industry.

2. Previously supervised a minimum of three Residential Building projects in the last seven years

3. Have one technical referee in the category that you are applying for or higher.

4. You must be able to demonstrate an understanding and the capacity to carry out, manage or arrange the carrying out of domestic building work, in a competent manner and to a professional standard.

All of our courses are face to face within our classrooms as we believe that by providing physical classes allows our students to learn from one another and therefore gain a greater understanding of the key knowledge being taught throughout each module.

  1. Gain Knowledge and Experience: Obtain the relevant work experience and knowledge to become eligible for the registration process.


  2. Application Preparation: Start to collect the following for the registration application:

    a. Once collected all the applicable information you should now start to develop your VBA Building Application and complete all the required sections. 

    b. You must also have your technical referee complete the applicable Technical Referee Report. This report must be completed by the referee and accompany the registration application form.

  3. Submit and lodge the completed Building Application and the Technical Referee Report to the VBA. Please note that the number of weeks from when you submit your application to when you receive confirmation that you have been successful to have an interview can vary; however, we can assure you that we are constantly in communication with the VBA regarding lead times and we will give you regular updates.


  4. Prepare for VBA test and/ or Interview: Whilst you wait for the VBA to approve your application, continue to prepare for the multiple-choice test and interview.


  5. Smash the test and/ or interview!


  6. Congratulations you will be a Registered Builder in Victoria!

A service that we provide to all our students and to the public is one-on-one training. Within these private tutoring sessions, the trainer may ask you to complete a mock-up test to examine your knowledge and skills. This will help identify the areas that require more attention and will allow you to work on these weaker areas during the private tutoring sessions and/or within class. 

We provide mock-up exams within our Builder Registration courses which allows you to test your knowledge and skills before taking the actual exams. The exams consist of multiple-choice questions and plans and requires you to have an advanced understanding of building codes, Australian Standards, and construction principles. Hence, this will help the trainer and yourself to identify the areas that may require more attention. 

A Domestic Builder (Limited) is a class of a registered domestic builder which is limited to certain areas that are involved in building a residential home.

There are twenty different categories, for instance, the Domestic Builder (Limited to bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations) enables individuals to obtain a builder’s license to be able to carry out works that involves building, renovating or repairing domestic wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or laundries.

For further information, please visit the VBA’s website.

Anyone can as long as they are at the same category of licence or higher.You require at least one technical referee when applying for a Domestic Builder Licence, this can be a Registered Builder you have performed work under and/or if you are applying for a DB-L, your referee can be another DB-L that you have worked under, but they must be in the same category as you are applying for.

We offer all books that are required to prepare you for the VBA Building exams upon request and can provide you with custom tabbed books for easy and quick reference when answering questions within the classroom and/or during the VBA exams.

Nikola MustakinovskiNikola Mustakinovski
00:45 08 Apr 23
Ange has helped me to get registered as a DB-U. He is not your traditional lecturer, although there are the modules you must cover Ange teaches from his heart and puts his spin on the module. He will have you firing all pistons before the big comes around to sit in front of the VBA.I was very confident when I sat in front of the VBA, my interview was only 40min that included the introduction and small talk before the interview begins. Although Ange is an absolute superstar at what he does the buck does stop with you. Time + effort = result, Ange will get you there and have you registered as a DB-U, how hungry are you?Thank you Ange for all your time and effort you put into me.
Lucky MehlaLucky Mehla
04:57 31 Mar 23
I was so hesitant to start this builders reg course thinking it was going to be super hard but Ange made the whole process a piece of cake. His method of teaching is super simple and easy to get a grasp of. The way he interacts with all the students is simply the best. If you are like me and thinking of getting a builders licence but putting it on the back burner for some time please get in touch with Mak builder registration , you won't regret it. They are the best in the business.
Stuart MileoStuart Mileo
07:31 21 Mar 23
Angelo and the team at MAK Builder Registration were fantastic to deal with.Angelo delivered the course material in a way that was easy to understand and interpret, he used real life examples through his own experiences as a builder and applied them to the content that he taught.I was very well prepared for the entire registration process with the VBA and Angelo has continued to support me even after getting registered and starting my own building company.I couldn't recommend MAK Builder Registration highly enough for anyone who is looking to get their builders license.
Clint PayneClint Payne
05:02 19 Mar 23
I couldn't recommend MAK and Angelo highly enough. I had the pleasure of Ange training me and facilitating my course to become a licensed building Inspector (Pool Safety). His knowledge was second to none, he was friendly and approachable and no question was ever to hard. The course was conducted professionally and very easy to follow and understand. I still call Ange most days for advice and questions, and always he answers my calls and is always more than happy to help. Josie is also amazing to deal with and can only be a phone call away. If you want the best and to be trained by the best, Ange Grillo and MAK is where you need to go! Thanks for making my journey an awesome one. Clint
CasaBella TVCasaBella TV
00:08 10 Mar 23
My name is Adrian, I am the managing director at Casabella Built PTY LTD.I previously obtained my builders registration through MAK Training and have so many amazing things to say about the school!The first thing I would like to say is thank you so much for the time and effort you have spent with me in obtaining my registration and the on-going support you have provided to help me grow my business.Making the decision to become a registered builder was very daunting. During my high school years, I struggled in a classroom environment and was not an academic student.Going back to school to become a registered builder was very intimidating. Little did I know MAK Training has a way of catering for people like me, there was never a boring moment in the classroom Angelo the teacher was very entertaining and educational, he made each night of school fun and exciting this helped me to retain information required to successfully obtain my registration.I highly recommend MAK training as I couldn’t have done it without them!Thank you, MAK Training!!



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